Work Package Number 1

PhD, scientific, technological and transferrable skills training

Lead Beneficiary: IBP-CNR
Objectives: WP1 is the Training WP, with the objective of guaranteeing the correct implementation of the training plan described in 2.2 through the proper organization and monitoring of the local training activities, joint training activities and secondments.

Work Package Number 2

Bioresources and Cultivation

Lead Beneficiary: SZN
Objectives: WP2 will bulk cultivate ten targeted species of bacteria and microalgae that have already been identified by some of the EU PharmaSea partners as producing compounds with anticancer, and anti-infective activities. These species will allow immediate further assays (Cignal Finder Reporter Array and RT-PCR Array) inWP3 to identify cell-signal pathways activated by bioactive compounds leading to the isolation and characterization of lead compounds in WP4. The existing culture collection will be complemented with newly isolated species from the EUROFLEET2 Pharmadeep 2015 cruise which will require both traditional and innovative culturing techniques with molecular insights (genomics, metabolomics) for key strains that are already available for the 10 lead species.

Work Package Number 3 

Selective screening

Lead Beneficiary: UiT
Objectives: The main goal is to conduct assays (Cignal Finder Reporter Array and RT-PCR Array) to identify cell-signal pathways activated by bioactive compounds from 10 lead species. Setting up of a screening platform to identify other new bioactives from deep-sea species using bioassay-guided screening.
Work Package Number 4


Lead Beneficiary: UNIABDN
Objectives: The main objectives are the extraction of metabolites from 10 PharmaSea lead species and new strains from the Pharmadeep cruise, their purification using chromatographic methods and their structural elucidation using spectroscopic methods.

Work Package Number 5

Toxicity & development

 Lead Beneficiary: Fundacion MEDINA
Objectives:  The primary aim of WP5 will be the generation of analogs of hit compounds and to perform safety assessments of identified hits in cells based- and zebrafish based- assays.
Work Package Number 6 

Legal, Policies & Governance – Innovation management and entrepreneurship

 Lead Beneficiary: ABS-int
Objectives: The aim of this WP is to better align law, policy and science with respect to marine drug discovery and to study how innovation management and entrepreneurship can increase the path to success in the marine biodiscovery pipeline. Although this WP combines elements of three distinct fields of expertise (law, policy and business), the mutual impact is crucial and often overlooked. Combining them in one WP will add a new perspective to these three ‘non-technical’ fields of marine biodiscovery. Specific objectives are: 1) to make recommendations for the discussions at UNCLOS on regulating access and benefit sharing (ABS) in areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ), taking into account the business perspective; 2) to work towards legal certainty for synthetic biology and to work out practical measures for non-EU collections (Pharmadeep sub-Antarctic samples) to become registered under the EU ABS Regulation and 3) to develop guidelines for business strategies that take into account the specificities of marine biodiscovery research and development.
Work Package Number 7

Coordination and management

Lead Beneficiary: IBP-CNR
Objectives: WP7 is the Management WP of the Project. The objective is to guarantee full synergy and integration among MarPipe participants to provide added European value and extend the state-of-the-art in marine biodiscovery training across Europe. This will facilitate the following outcomes: 1. Maintenance of a defined time-schedule for the research. 2. Achievement of the planned objectives. 3. Immediate recognition of problems, their evaluation and the adoption of corrective actions to solve them. 4. Integrate and expand European state-of-the-art in marine research and training.

Work Package Number 8 

Knowledge transfer and dissemination

Lead Beneficiary: IBP-CNR

Objectives: WP8 is the dissemination and communication WP of the project. The general objective is to disseminate the MarPipe results beyond the project beneficiaries to the scientific community, and to create general awareness through public engagement of issues addressed by the MarPipe project. To this end, dissemination and communication plans have been designed in detail and will be monitored by IBP-CNR, with the assistance of ALTA, in order to guarantee an effective communication to the scientific community and to the general public. All ESR and all beneficiaries will be involved in dissemination and public engagement activities.