1. Further develop hits already identified in 10 strains by MarPipe partners in ongoing EU projects in the anti-infective and anticancer fields.
2. Analyse microorganisms that are currently uncultivable and improve methods of their cultivation and co-cultivation in order to optimize production of bioactives compounds. Samples will be provided by the Eurofleet2- Pharmadeep cruise in December 2015 in sub Antarctic deep-sea trenches (Drake Passage, 5000 m).
3. Apply functional bioassays by using metabolic engineering for the discovery of molecular pathways, or apply OSMAC and co-cultivation techniques to awaken silent biosynthetic pathways.
4. Apply sophisticated analytical methods and develop new protocols for the stimulation (of biosynthesis), extraction, isolation, purification and enrichment of biomolecules.
5. Apply medicinal chemistry approaches to optimize the efficacy of target molecules.
6. Scale-up production processes through flexible bioreactor technologies.
7. Address legal and policy constraints in the drug discovery pipeline.
8. Develop innovation and business strategies for drug biodiscovery.