The International Symposium on Marine Natural Products (MaNaPro) and the European Conference on Marine Natural Products (ECMNP) have been very successful meetings in the field of marine natural products over the past 44 years. Scientists from all over the world gathered this year in Peniche, Portugal to discuss about different aspects of marine chemistry, chemical biology, drug discovery and marine biotechnology (

MarPipe was represented by several ESRs who shared their knowledge on the chemistry of marine natural products in the framework of the drug biodiscovery pipeline. Antigoni-Angeliki Kyritsi (University of Aberdeen), Alejandro  Moreiras Figueruelo (ItalBiotech & IBP-CNR), Florent Magot (GEOMAR) and Maria Kokkini (Fundación MEDINA) presented their scientific work and exchanged ideas with top scientists from the field of marine natural products during the poster session of the meeting.