Secondment – University of Tromso, Norway (14 January – 01 March 2019)

In early 2019, Jane completed a 6-week secondment at the University of Tromso. The purpose of the assignment was to identify and define ‘best practice’ procedures for curating a marine biological sample collection, with a view to transferring these lessons to the ‘biodiversity beyond national jurisdiction’ (BBNJ) context.

The secondment was based at Marbio and Marbank (a national biobank facility in Norway) and involved learning about:

  1. Methods for collecting marine biological samples (both macro- and micro-organisms)
  2. Procedures for storage and preservation of samples
  3. Steps for distributing sample material to users from academia and industry

Once the best practice procedures were identified, Jane then investigated the reasoning behind different methods or decisions made at Marbank in terms of upholding certain scientific standards and compliance with legal regulations.

Lessons learnt at Marbank were then analysed with a view to potentially transferring these to the BBNJ context. These lessons could help inform current ongoing UN discussions regarding fair and equitable benefit-sharing associated with utilisation of marine genetic resources.


For further information on Marbank, please check out their website: