BIOPROSP ( is Europe’s leading biennial scientific conference on marine biodiscovery and biotechnologoy, and the application of marine bioactive molecules.

In February 2019, MarPipe ESRs travelled to the Capital of the Arctic, Tromso, Norway to present their scientific results and meet top scientists, industry representatives and entrepreneurs from all over the world within the field of marine biotechnology during BIOPROSP_19 (

Prior to the conference, the ESRs had the chance to participate in a workshop on Marine biotech entrepreneurship where they got insights in how to succeed with marine bioprospecting, from biodiscovery to commercialization.

Besides the fruitful poster session during the conference, MarPipe was represented by Jane Eva Collins who gave an interesting talk on Stakeholders’ Challenges and Business Strategies in Marine Bio-Resource Organisations. Jane is a PhD student at KU Leuven and ABS-int based in Belgium working on the Legal, Policy and Business Aspects of the Marine Biodiscovery Pipeline.