MarPipe ESRs participated in a 2-day course on “scientific communication and grant writing skills” together with the ESRs of PANDORA, OCEAN MEDICINES and NO PROBleMS. The course was held in  Consiglio Naziolane delle Richerce (CNR) in Naples, organized by ALTA. Main focus of the scientific communication course was the fundamental aspects of writing an abstract and preparing a poster or an oral presentation. In the framework of this course, all ESRs worked in groups where they discussed multidisciplinary topics and had hands-on training.

Part of the course was given by Koos de Korte, trainer and facilitator at EUrelations AG in Switzerland ( The ESRs learned how to search for funding opportunities and write a grant proposal. They also participated in a title competition where they were challenged to think of a gripping proposal title in 5 minutes.

At the end of the course the fellows learned how to present scientific concepts and data in an effective fashion, and acquired the skill sets to prepare grant applications to facilitate their future career development.